Introducing… me!

Hey – Just as a quick introduction, I’m 21, female, christian and at uni studying Fine Art. I am also gay and have suffered with depression and subsequently some self-destructive behaviour – including cutting/other self-harm, negativity, self-hate, binge eating etc – which I still have some problems with, but God has brought me through a lot. I wanted to create an online blog about my walk with God that can have people comment and discuss various questions, concerns and thoughts I have regarding God, christian life and where certain issues – that many young people have to deal with today – fit in with all this! I’m also a fairly young christian having grown up without any real spiritual input and yet become a christian at 16 after – what I now realise – was months, possibly years of searching.

This blog is named Emeth after the Calormene in The Last Battle (Narnia Chronicles) as the story of this character has moved me a great deal. It was quite influential because I first read it not long after becoming a christian and this character stood out for me. You can read the part that means a lot to me in the category “Inspires”.

Being Calormene, Emeth was raised to follow Tash – the opposite of Aslan – and did so whole-heartedly. Even though he followed Tash, Emeth was let into “Aslan’s country” during the final destruction of Narnia, and is welcomed by Aslan, showing the grace of God and the nature of salvation.

Emeth (אמת) is also a Hebrew word that has been variously translated as truth, firmness, and veracity when used in the Bible (How I love Wikipedia :)) and so again makes it a good name for this blog.

I’ll be using the pseudonym Emeth on here so as not to give away my real name.

Anyway – welcome to my walk with God and please feel free to read around and comment on anything you like. The category “Search the Scriptures” is a book that I’m working from. It has 365 tasks in which by the time all are done I will have read the whole bible… All the questions are taken from Search the Scriptures by Alan M. Stibbs and I have cut the posts off after the full question so if you want to you can do the questions yourself before looking at the answers I’ve made by clicking the “continue reading” button…. Please remember these aren’t absolute answers. I only have very basic knowledge of the bible and the times it was written in, so these are just what I make of them and if you want to question/argue anything, please do. I don’t mind people disagree and arguing their point fervently… On the contrary, I encourage you! However abusive/spiteful comments will be deleted. 🙂

If you have any prayer or praise requests, please leave a comment regarding what you want prayer/praise for and I will put them into the “Prayer and Praise request” category.




  1. GHF Said:

    God says – “I love you”.

    He does NOT say – “I love you ONLY IF ….”

    People say – ” I love you if ….”

    Be a God pleaser, not a people pleaser.

  2. Michael Said:

    I’d be a God pleaser if I could but since I can’t I’ll just have to take it on trust!

  3. GHF Said:

    When Aslan allowed Emeth into Narnia, it was not because Emeth had followed Tash, rather that Emeth had followed Tash believing Tash to be righteous and godly; as though Tash were in fact, Aslan.

    I’m pretty certain that God does not allow a naming misconception to be a barrier to entry into His fold.

    It’s what’s in a person’s HEART that God looks at, and in Emeth’s heart was goodness, love, honour and all things righteous.

    I pray that God finds me the same as Emeth.

  4. Emeth Said:

    I agree completely and I hope and pray for the same – hence the blog name in the first place! I write this blog with honest questions, doubts, praises, prayers and realisations and pray that God sees those (wrong or not) as me honestly searching for Him.

    My faviourite line in the whole of the Emeth part of the story is:

    “And this is the marvel of marvels, that he called me Beloved, me who am but as a dog”

    This single line speaks so much for me and how I feel and I’m sure how many Christians feel.

  5. Brett Said:

    Beautiful stuff Emeth. I can tell you have a really good heart. God’s grace and mercy is a wonderful thing. Keep pursuing Him, “for all find what they truly seek.”

  6. igrymmorpg Said:

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