Study 2 – Luke 1:26-38

Study 2 – Luke 1:26-38

1. Verses 31-33, 35. How many features of the person and mission of the promised child can be discerned in the words of the angel? Make a list of them.
2. Contrast Mary’s reception of the angel’s message with that of Zechariah (see previous study, Question 2). Compare with verse 45. What did Mary’s response involve? Are you prepared similarly to ask the Lord to fulfil his word in you?

Note: Verse 31. ‘Jesus’ is the Greek form of Joshua, which means ‘God saves’. Compare with Matthew 1:21

1. Male, named Jesus (meaning God saves) because he will save mankind from their sins. He will be called the Son of the Most High. “He will be given the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever; his kingdom will have no end.”

2. Zechariah doubted, whereas Mary didn’t. Mary trusted God and accepted what was going to happen.

This interests me because it was only today I was speaking with someone about “Gods plan” and whether or not God had our life mapped out. Well… he said he had been at some meeting and someone had said “We will never know how many people God asked to bear his Son before Mary said “yes””

What do people think about this idea? I think it’s a very interesting point… as if we say “God TOLD Mary that ‘this is what’s going to happen'” then we’re saying that God has our lives planned and therefore free will is taken away from us… However, with this idea that God ASKED Mary and Mary had to accept the responsibility, then that puts God in the place of walking beside us and asking us to do things. He never actually TELLS or MAKES us to do anything…

This point that was brought up has actually made me think quite a lot about it all… and, well… I think it’s just changed how I look at it… From God TELLING a teenage girl that she WILL bear His Son and she WILL be the mother of the Son of God… I mean, let’s face it, I rebelled from my mother telling me to clean my room! How would you feel having God tell you that you were going to bear the Child of God and raise the Saviour of mankind… Little heavy don’t you think? But God doesn’t seem to do that… He says “will you trust me?” and let’s you make the choice…

What do you guys think?



  1. GHF Said:

    Interesting concept that Mary was not necessarily the first girl God asked, merely the first one to respond positively.

    It’s not actually important to the point though, which is made clearly above, that God chooses to ASK us. He is not a dictator, although He could choose to be; omnipotence has that option.

    We rebel all too often, and usually over trivial nonsense. Seeing obedience – out of love, not fear or duty – should be our example. Mary shows us all too well the step of faith we need to take.

  2. Michael Said:

    Generally speaking I think God asks rather than tells-lets face it, God doesnt really have to demand as,at the slghtest drawn breath, we all quail and fall….as to how many recaltitrant Mary’s there were …well how many angels can dance on the end of a pin whilst juggling concordances and singing Amazing Grace?

    I really dislike these guilt laden questions….’are you prepared similarly to ask the lord to fulfill his word in you.?.” etc etc

    It seems to me that a friendship with God is utterly private,completely intimate and completely knowing-there really isnt any point making protestations of ferrvour-audible or otherwise-its rather like my daughter saying she’ll always tidy her room! I know she won’t and fundamentally cant-I know that and so don’t make the demands upon her that she makes upon herself-so it is with God; such an utter and deep commitment doent need a whip.

  3. Emeth Said:

    I don’t think it can have a whip… If God demanded all the time, then we would have to ask the question are we know doing this out of love for God and the want… and at times, even perhaps need, to serve God.? Or are we doing it because we don’t want to but have to? I think there’s a place for both, but when the latter comes from God TELLING us that we HAVE to do it… that’s where the problem starts.

    Doing something that you don’t really want to do, but know it’s right to do whether that’s because of fear, stubborness, distress etc I think has equal, if not more worth to doing something because God has asked you and there’s no second thoughts about it because it’s easy… I have been corrected on this view before though and told that if you’re doing it because you think it’s right rather than wanting to do it for God, then it’s not worth doing… thoughts?

    Either way, it still stands that God ASKS us… and the most amazing thing? That if we say no God doesn’t say “Well you’re not gonna help me, I’m not gonna help you!” He forgives and carries on walking! WOW! That’s the awesomeness of God and grace I think… It just wouldn’t be the same if He demanded.

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