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Prayer request regarding this site

I feel that God is encouraging me to keep this blog up as it seems to be helping people. I haven’t written in it for months and so I’d like to ask for prayer for my enthusiasm and passion for God to keep up and my motivation and will power to write carrys on.

Thank you

Emeth x


A solid prayer

I am determined to get back to my blog and keep posting… to start with, here is a strong and solid prayer I found in a book I bought with my confirmation money. It’s a prayer that would be good to start the day with and remember throughout.

Give me a calm and confident trust in Thee. Make me willing to live just one day at a time. May my heart re-echo to Thy promise that only as I rest in Thee can the desires of my heart be given to me. And now help me to do my part in placing a guard around my thoughts, by resolutely refusing to return to my old haunts of distrust. I thank Thee for Thy love for me and Thy help. Amen