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Prayer request regarding this site

I feel that God is encouraging me to keep this blog up as it seems to be helping people. I haven’t written in it for months and so I’d like to ask for prayer for my enthusiasm and passion for God to keep up and my motivation and will power to write carrys on.

Thank you

Emeth x


Please pray for me

Please pray for me as I’ve been suffering with anxiety attacks lately and accute IBS which isn’t helped by the anxiety…



Nan, grandad and bro


Please pray for my nan and grandad as they are very stressed (they aren’t the type to get stressed either) as they are moving house and there’s a lot of pressure at the moment trying to find a place they can afford to rent and added pressure as Christmas is approaching.

Please also pray for my brother who has been on drugs for a while, and just split up with his girlfriend so is homeless again.